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What is it?

A dynamic training for groups accelerating integral thinking while addressing underlying group tensions with value and heart.

Who will benefit from it?

Any organization, community or subculture with unaddressed tension

We see a lot of polarization and fragmentation in the world today.  However, avoiding conflict can be as unhealthy as having too much of it. Tensions are vital for growth. A muscle wouldn’t grow without being taken out of its comfort zone. We just need to find a way to address it humanly. I am fully motivated to BE the change this world needs and help you and your team be the change.

A company going through management changes

For a company to change, it doesn’t just need new structures, processes and tools. It is not enough to declare that teams are now self-managing if leaders still behave in a top-down manner. All stakeholders should share the company’s vision in their heart.

Often, that’s what is missing in companies going through profound changes. But it can be different!

So, let’s start talking about what really matters.

Let’s be honest and authentic and address our fears and concerns

and let’s be willing to listen to the concerns of the ‘other’.

This training will give you the tools and vocabulary to do just that.

how does it work?

We are trained to think in “either-or” ways. For example; you are either selfish or caring, a company is either innovative or rigid, you are either arrogant or modest, open-minded or short-sided (see the stereotypes here?). But often those either-or pairs are biased. We compare a positive to a negative. That is a false choice. 

Working with our method, you will learn that in every comparison there are four elements instead of two, and you need to choose the right pair to make it fair! This stimulates new ways of thinking and behaving. And it’s a conscious way to get out of polarization and into purpose, whether we are talking about politics, culture, or business.

This training will help you reframe any tension, imbalance or conflict. It is a perfect perspective taking tool.

This training will

highlight the qualities, but also address the concerns and pitfalls of all involved parties and perspectives

change the mindset,

from biased to integrated thinking

go to the heart of the matter quickly and increase chances of a successful and long lasting transformation


It’s a mix of cognitive knowledge & embodied practice: somatic, experiential and playful.


It accelerates integral thinking. We work with healthy opposites, so people learn to cope with differences differently and get a bigger perspective.


It is 100% adaptable to your needs.

  • The ratio entertainment / education: for example for a short workshop vs. a training that could serve as a team building event.
  • The duration: full-day immersion, several days, a half day, 2 hours, lunch session.
  • The delivery format: online, on site, hybrid.
  • The specific topic or focus:  a tension, a conflict or a growth goal, any imbalance in the company, certain values or skills that need leveling up. 

Some examples:
A tension between innovation and stability.

A need for more wholeness and authenticity.

Improving (non-violent) communication skills, self-management skills, …

This will be fine-tuned during our pre-training meeting. 

The most important outcome for your organization: 

This team DEVELOPMENT immersion
gives your organization
a soul-driven “COMPETITIVE

It is the necessary inner work to support the outer transformation. 

The team will... 

In other words,

they will
‘be the change’

This is for you and your organization if…​

  • you believe businesses, organizations and politics can be a force for good; 
  • you are a courageous leader who is looking for a new and innovative approach for conflict and tension;
  • you have an inclusive organization and strive towards wholeness;
  • you drive a business with heart;
  • you are a conscious entrepreneur who is tired of intolerance and wants to contribute to making a difference;
  • you care about your employees being happy and in flow;
  • you want to go to the next level with your business; 
  • you are looking for a transformational team event.

This is not for you if…

  • you only care about tools and processes;
  • you like to do things the old way;
  • you don’t care about team spirit;
  • your organization doesn’t value purpose, people or our planet.

Average business rate: 150€/h

Our prices are as personalized as our services.

For a specific offer or one-on-one sessions, contact us here.

What My attendees say

"I really loved working with Winnie. She’s professional and knowledgeable, wonderfully attentive, and transparent about the practical application of her process. I experienced the process of combining deep thinking, honest conversation, and embodiment to be intellectually stimulating, emotionally calming, and physically satisfying. I would say Winnie offers essential and valuable life tools and techniques to better navigate work relationships, for improving concentration and focus, motivation, decision-making and productivity for individuals like myself in the systems and social innovation space. Our session made me feel alive and was a uniquely positive reinforcement to an important cycle of intentional mindfulness and lifelong learning. For anyone interested and committed to their own personal growth and expansion or that of their team(s), I highly recommend Winnie."
Sikho Msomi
Business Leader & Systems/Social Innovator
Shake Your Shadow attendee
"Our team event was a healthy, sporty, musical mix of dance and theory. The way of working has revealed a number of group dynamics within the team. A number of themes came up in this way, interspersed with dances: salsa, merengue, open and closed dances,… . It was a nice combination for a successful team experience. Of course under the enthusiastic and professional guidance of Winnie, who with her knowledge, music and dance managed to make it an unforgettable day for our team that was talked about for a long time!”
Ann Dewulf
Contextueel systemisch counselor
Shake Your Shadow attendee
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