REBODY movement

a practice community

The Rebody Movement is a practice community for my fellow sisters on the path to a more conscious and inspired life.

Imagine a world with a bit less polarization and intolerance and a bit more kindness and love. Imagine you can speak your truth without feeling judged. Imagine we would all reconnect to what truly matters and communicate about what’s real for us while appreciating differences. Imagine we find our common ground. And imagine we can make all of this fun and dynamic.

That’s the idea here! That’s what we strive for.

In this community, we practice the art of a full-body reLoVution.

Often we think only about the heart when we speak of compassion, but our mind also plays a role. In fact, without a good cognitive development, we lack the capacity for true empathy. So a love revolution doesn’t come just from the heart, we have to include practices for mind and body as well. 

We want to BE the change

We zijn bereid verantwoordelijkheid te nemen voor onze frustraties en oordelen. Hier bereiden we ons voor op de buitenwereld, in onze veilige sister plek.

Essential to the movement are the rebody principles.

the Rebody movement

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What my Fellow Sisters say

“I love dancing with the girls, in total lockdown. It was one of the moments to look forward to, getting together, with positive vibes and great music. I am an addict.”
Suzy V.
The Rebody Movement attendee
"Winnie's dance break during the corona period has helped me a lot: a moment of dance and connection with other dancers, even behind your computer. Being in your body, letting go, experiencing emotions or whatever you need. And Winnie is a super dancer."
The Rebody Movement attendee
“The Daily Dance has been a much needed daily boost during the past year. Winnie’s unwavering enthusiasm and gentle coaching, and the community she created have been a very special support that I could not have done without."
The Rebody Movement attendee
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