How I see life

Yesterday was my birthday, many people asked me how I celebrated … in fact, for me it was a day of reflection and giving thanks, mostly. Because I truly feel very grateful for this life and the opportunity to start a new trip around the sun.

Yes I am getting older… in my face, but I can honestly say I have never felt so alive in my body and in my heart… I have never been happier… Maybe I say this every year but that just means life is getting better and better still.

I don’t have many of the regular things that other people have ‘at my age’ (the material stuff) but I have so many opportunities in my life to expand my ways of being, to embody the diversity of life, so many beautiful encounters with inspiring people. That is my abundance. I feel extremely rich thanks to all of this, all of you, who inspire me.

I truly think (my) life is amazing but I don’t think this is just ‘happening’ to me. I believe life is a combination of Intention X Effort X Surrender.

Intention for me is on different levels. I have an intention for my life (my life purpose, mission). My yearly intention and my daily intentions are aligned to this as much as possible. That’ s why I go into my forest cause that is where I reconnect to this intention over and over again. That’s where it becomes embodied! I try to set conscious intentions for almost everything I do. Being clear on why I am doing something. Even for a post on Facebook I often ask myself: why am I posting this, really? what is behind this? which state am I coming from. Am I creating or consuming? This immediately affects my state of being. And sometimes I might choose not to post something after-all.

But intentionsetting is not enough, I do believe that we also have to do the effort, to align our actions and decisions, every little choice to our intentions. And when they are not in sync, we feel out of balance (at least I do).

And despite all the intentions and the effort, life may flow in a different direction or things don’t look the way we expected them to look. That’s where the x-factor comes in: it is what I call surrender to the flow of life, other’s may call it Grace or magic. I try to stay open and sensitive to this bigger flow, even when it contradicts my personal preferences … This “letting go” is the hardest part for most of us Westerners, who try to control everything.

So I don’t think this amazing life, is JUST luck, I don’t think it’s ONLY the result of my own efforts, it is ALL OF IT and more, starting from good and clear intentions, making good choices. At least that is how I choose to see it and it works for me right now. And that does not mean that bad things don’t happen to me or that I don’t have bad days… cause I do, off course. This is a neverending process.

So, I am extremely thankful for this life, for 

…those who came before me, my ancestors, my parents and all the teachers who have inspired me
…the earth beneath me, for carrying and feeding me
…the sky above me for guidance and growth
…the Intelligence that grows my long hair, (that I so like to toss when I dance) 
…the fire within me for helping me set intentions, align my efforts, and have the willingness to pay it forward

AND I am thankful to all of you, family and friends and those who cross my path only once for making my life so rich and beautiful and for sharing in my birthday-joy, I hope we continue to connect to eachother and to what is really important to us over and over and over again,
all of us

win win ,
no -> we all win


We all win

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